Commercial Solutions

A wise investment. Show your corporate responsibility and seize energy independence.Achieve all this when you are actually slicing off your electricity bills by upto 80-90%.

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Residential Solutions

Save on your electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint and increase the value of your home.

Our Work Process

Step 1

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Initial consultation

At your request, we make an initial consultation. We listen to your needs, understand your requirements and plan accordingly.

Step 2

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Site Inspection

After our initial consultation, we will book a site inspection to understand the job at hand.

Step 3

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Rebate | Pre-Approval

On your behalf we send the applications to relevant authorities to get the required approvals in a timely manner.

Step 4

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Book Installation

Once all the required approvals are received, we get in touch with you we will book a date and time of your convenience to start the installation.

Step 5

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We are with you on every step of the way, and keep you informed of every progress.

Step 6

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Final Delivery

Once the installation is complete and has been inspected, tested, and certified by the independent electrical safety inspectors. It’s done, Congratulations!

Sun Commerce is an Australian owned solar company based in Melbourne, Victoria.


Residential Installations


Commercial Projects

Discover the difference solar can make to your life.

Start a better living with solar, energy that protects your family from rising electricity prices, earns you money through selling electricity back to the grid, and reduces your carbon footprint.

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We listen to your requirements and find out what are the best available options.

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We design the available solutions and present them for your additional suggestions.

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Develop & Build

After adequate consideration and evaluation, we design what is required keeping your needs in mind.

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The install might have finished but that doesn’t mean so does our relationship. We are with you.

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Our Suppliers

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